At booking: A contact will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Please sign and return it.

To confirm reservation: At time of booking, a non-refundable charge of 33%, or $100 if greater, will be charged. Balance is due 60 days prior to arrival.

Cancellation Policy: Cancel 0 to 60 days before arrival, forfeit full payment. Cancel 61 days or more, forfeit 33% of cost or $100 if greater. During stormy weather, no refunds unless all roads into Tahoe are completely closed for twelve consecutive hours or more. Your reservation is valid for the remainder of the time.

Avoid Additional Charges: Items 1-5, a minimum $35.00 service charge plus materials and labor.
1. Check out and return keys/cards/passes by 11 AM on departure day to avoid additional rent.
2. Returned check is cause for reservation to be cancelled.
3. Damage, missing items, extraordinary cleaning, phone calls and charges billed to property.
4. No Pets! No smoking! Evidence of smoking or a pet inside property is grounds for eviction with no refund of rent. You will be charged to steam clean carpets and for damages.
5. Kitchen cleaned and all garbage placed in trash cans in garage or dumpster outside.
6. The guest is to notify our office of any item(s) left. Items disposed of after 14 days.
7. Vehicle Parking – Vehicle will be towed for violating parking rules or using another unit’s space. Summit Village, Lake Village and Pinewild require parking permits for 1 or 2 cars per unit (Lake Village and Pinewild – 2nd car only if guest slot available.) Violation fees can cost hundreds of dollars.
8. Vehicle must be moved from public streets and parking lots during snow removal operations. Violators will be towed by the police/sheriff/security. Large fines and fees charged.
9. $75.00 service charge plus additional costs for after hours calls due to tenant error.
10. $500.00 minimum charge if management security or police are called to property for any disturbance.
• Firewood is not provided.
• We clean and inventory after each guest departure.
• Please lock doors, windows and set heater to 65 degrees (in winter season) prior to departure.
• We reserve the right to transfer your reservation to a comparable property if necessary.
• Nevada state law prohibits the use of any hot tub by children under the age of 15.
• Occupants agree to hold property owners and Tahoe Management harmless if any damage to self or property resulting in accident, injury or loss due to rain, snow, ice, flood, negligence, defective construction, fire, theft or any reason.
• You and your party will be evicted for: gross misconduct, damage, disturbing the peace, higher occupancy than agreed, unauthorized use for weddings, receptions, parties or loud group functions.
• Tahoe Management is not responsible for items left at properties.
• No refunds. If you find your lodging unsatisfactory, call our 24-hour numbers immediately to report the problem.
• After hours check-in: Call for needed instructions.